Employer Webinars

The Colorado Department of Labor and Employment’s Employer Webinar Series is a resource for employers looking for a better understanding of employment and labor issues that impact your business. These participatory webinars cover the major issues concerning Colorado employers, including policy changes, coming legislation, workforce issues, and other updates to help you stay competitive in any economic environment.We’re happy to accept your suggestions on future webinar topics - please send an email to CDLE with the title “CDLE employer webinar suggestion” and include your idea in the body of the email.

Previous employer webinar topics include: 

  • Paid Leave Law Updates
  • Workers Compensation During Covid
  • Unemployment Insurance Premiums & Trust Fund Update
  • How To Start A Co Apprenticeship Program
  • How paid family leave interacts with other types of leave

Upcoming webinars:

  • Our next Virtual Town Hall will be held towards the end of April. Subscribe to our newsletter to get invitations and recordings of every webinar directly in your inbox:

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