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The Division of Family and Paid Medical Leave Insurance (FAMLI) Webinar Series is a resource for employers, Third Party Administrators (TPA’s), individuals, or health care providers looking for a better understanding of Colorado’s paid family leave program. These live webinars cover the major issues including policy changes, private plans, information for the self employed workers, the MyFAMLI+ Employer portal, and more. We’re happy to accept your suggestions on future webinar topics - please send an email to the FAMLI Division with the title “FAMLI webinar suggestion” and include your idea in the body of the email. Previous webinars can be found listed below.

The Colorado Department of Labor and Employment also has an Employer Webinar Series. These participatory webinars cover the major issues concerning Colorado employers, including policy changes, coming legislation, workforce issues, and other updates to help you stay competitive in any economic environment. 


Upcoming webinars

The FAMLI monthly webinars are a great way to connect with the FAMLI team and ask your questions.

Attendance will be limited to 500 people. The webinar will be recorded and we will send links of the recording and the presentation in an email following the event. The recording and presentation will also be posted to our website. You can find recordings for our past webinars below.

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Webinar Recordings Archive


March 21, 2024 — Focus on Employers WebinarPresentation
February 1, 2024 — Statewide Virtual Town HallPresentation
1 de Febrero de 2024 — Foro Virtual de FAMLIPresentación
January 10, 2024 — Statewide Virtual Town HallPresentation
10 de Enero de 2024 — Ayuntamiento Virtual de FAMLIPresentación
December 6, 2023 — Statewide Virtual Town HallPresentation
6 de Diciembre de 2023 — Ayuntamiento Virtual De FAMLIPresentación
My FAMLI+ Health Care Provider Portal - November 2023Presentation
Everything New Parents Need to Know - October 2023Presentation
Self-Employed and Employees of Opted-Out Local Governments - September 2023Presentation
Health Care Provider Portal - August 2023Presentation
New Rules on Retaliation, Job Protection, and More - June 2023Presentation
Deadlines + Private Plans + Q&APresentation
April 27, 2023 Statewide Virtual Town HallPresentation
21 de marzo de 2023 Ayuntamiento Virtual de FAMLIPresentación
March 21, 2023 Statewide Virtual Town HallPresentation
28 de febrero de 2023 Ayuntamiento Virtual de FAMLIPresentación
February 28, 2023 Statewide Virtual Town HallPresentation
My FAMLI+ Employer Updates and Q&APresentation
TPAs and the Employers They ServePresentation
El Programa de Seguro por Ausencia Familiar y Médica Pagada en Colorado (FAMLI)Presentación
FAMLI & QuickBooks PayrollPresentation
Registering Your Business and Live Open ForumPresentation
Registering Your Business and FAQs Presentation
Registering Your Business with My FAMLI+ EmployerPresentation
Coordination of BenefitsPresentation
Private Plans Part 2Presentation
Private Plans Part 1Presentation
Benefits and Employer ParticipationPresentation
Preparing for FAMLI with the Colorado Rural Workforce ConsortiumPresentation

Calculating Premiums

Preparing Your Small Business for FAMLI
FAMLI and Local GovernmentsPresentation
How FAMLI Interacts with other Types of LeavePresentation
Employer Toolkit Preview and Open ForumPresentation
Understanding FAMLI and Employer ObligationsPresentation