Health Care Providers FAQs

Under the FAMLI definition, a healthcare provider is defined as any person licensed, certified, or registered under Federal or Colorado law to provide medical or emergency services. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Physicians and Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Emergency Room Personnel
  • Midwives

The law defines this as illness, injury, impairment, pregnancy, recovery from childbirth, or physical or mental condition that involves inpatient care in a hospital, hospice or residential care facility, or continuing treatment by a healthcare provider. 

No, patients do not have to use all their leave at once. For example, someone can take one day off a week for chemotherapy treatment or to care for a parent with Alzheimer’s disease. In cases like this, your role is to determine the start and end dates of your patient’s serious health condition.

If your patient’s family member is applying for family leave to care for your patient, you will need to fill out the Certification of Serious Health Condition form  for the family member. Your patient’s family member may  qualify for time off to provide care to your patient based on this information.