Medical Leave to Care for a Family Member


Paid medical leave is available to Colorado workers who may need to take time to care for their loved ones. FAMLI understands that the word “family” may mean something different to you. These are some of the factors that we will consider when it comes to familial relationships:

  • Shared financial responsibility, included shared leases, common ownership of property, joint liability for bills, or beneficiary recognition.
  • Emergency contact appointment.
  • Expectations of care created by the relationship and/or previous care arrangements.
  • Cohabitation and the length of time in partnership.
  • Geographic proximity.

Documents Needed:

  • Serious Health Condition form: when applying for medical leave to care for a family member, you must provide the details of the licensed health care provider who is treating your family member. That health care provider must fill out and sign a serious health condition form on behalf of your family member. If the provider is already registered in the system, they’ll be able to certify the claim all online without having to pass around paperwork. If not, you’ll need to download and print out a serious health condition form while filing your claim in My FAMLI+. Take it to your family member's health care provider to get it completed. 
  • For all reasons an individual applies for FAMLI leave, the Division may request additional reasonable information or documentation necessary (outside of what’s asked for in My FAMLI+) to process the claim.