Local Government Employees


If you work for a local government employer that has opted out, you still have the right to take FAMLI leave. Just like self-employed workers, you will have to commit to reporting wages and paying premiums for a minimum of three years. 

If you choose to voluntarily opt in for three years of coverage, you will need to register in My FAMLI+ Employer as an employee of an opted-out local government employer in order to submit your wage reports and pay your FAMLI premiums.

  • Your premiums will be 0.45% of your wages. 
  • When you self-elect FAMLI coverage, you must commit to paying premiums for three years. 
  • While there is no open enrollment period, you will need one quarter of coverage before you can collect FAMLI benefit payments. When registering in My FAMLI+ Employer, you may elect a retroactive coverage period, so you can apply for FAMLI leave that will become available as early as January 2024. If you elect a retroactive coverage period, your first premium payment will be due on the next quarterly reporting deadline for employers (the last day of the month following the end of quarter: January 31, April 30, July 31, October 31).