Individuals and Families

Childcare Icon

Care for a new child, including adopted and fostered children.

Health Care for Self Icon

Care for themselves, if they have a serious health condition.

Healthcare Family

Care for a family member’s serious health condition.

Family Military Deployment

Make arrangements for a family member’s military deployment.

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Address the immediate safety needs and impact of domestic violence and/or sexual assault.

FAMLI exists to ensure all Colorado workers have access to paid leave when they face life circumstances that force them to choose between earning a paycheck, or taking care of themselves or their family.

It’s important to note that FAMLI differs from the federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). The three main differences are:

  • FAMLI is paid leave. FMLA is unpaid, job-protected leave.
  • Employees working for a business of any size are eligible for FAMLI. Self Employed workers are also eligible to opt into the program. FMLA is available to employees of covered employers only.

Weekly Income Formula

During their leave, employees will receive between 37% and 90% of their wages. Benefits are capped at $1,100 per week.

For information on what your FAMLI benefit would be, check out the Premium and Benefits Calculator.

Weekly Wage Weekly Benefit Maximum Annual Benefit Percent of Weekly Wage
$500 $450 $5,400 90%
$1,000 $768 $9,216 77%
$1,500 $1,018 $12,216 68%
$2,000 $1,100 $13,200 55%
$3,000 $1,100 $13,200 37%