Quarter 3 wage reports and premiums are due October 31, 2023. 


My FAMLI+ Employer

My FAMLI+ Employer

My FAMLI+ Employer is the online employer services portal Colorado businesses, third-party administrators (TPA’s) and local government employers will use to manage their FAMLI accounts. If you have not registered, you will need to register your business with My FAMLI+ Employer. My FAMLI+ Employer operates similarly to My UI Employer, allowing employers to report wage data, remit premium payments, apply for exemption with a private plan, and upload letters of declination votes.

The deadline has passed for Q1 & Q2 wage reports to be uploaded and premiums to be paid. You can still submit your wage report and pay your premium. The deadline for Q3 is October 31, 2023.


User Guides and Additional Resources

Please refer to the how-to guides below to familiarize yourself with My FAMLI+ Employer

User Guide: Employers

User Guide: Third Party Administrators

User Guide: Local Government Employers

User Guide: Private Plan Application


Have these items handy when registering your business:

  • The contact information for the primary administrator of the account and a second authentication method. The person completing the registration process for your My FAMLI+ Employer account will be the primary account administrator and will need to set up multi-factor authentication in order to log in. 
  • Your business’ legal name.
  • Your business’ federal employer identification number (FEIN).
  • Your business’ primary location address and the mailing address (if different from the primary location.)
  • Your total employee headcount. This will determine your premium liability. We have more information on how to determine our total employee headcount on our Employers page under “Determining Your Employee Headcount.”
  • The name and email address for any additional users you’d like to have access to your My FAMLI+ Employer account. Additional users can also be added after registration.


If you’ll be using My FAMLI+ Employer as a TPA, we have several helpful resources just for our TPA partners including quick reference guides, file specifications, sample file templates and more on our dedicated TPA page:

Resources for Third Party Administrators

If you need to add the Division of Family and Medical Leave Insurance as a vendor in order to send payments to the Division, here is the Division's W-9:

W-9: Division of Family and Medical Leave Insurance

Does your business work with a Third Party Administrator (TPA) or a payroll software service provider?

Don’t forget to connect with your TPA or the payroll software service you use to determine how they will be supporting your business with FAMLI. We’ve created a dedicated page for TPAs with several new resources, including file format specifications for wage reporting and bulk registration, sample files, and payment schedules. If you are a TPA, or want to make sure your TPA is up to speed, we encourage you to share this page with your administrator. Here are some additional tips:

  • Ask your TPA or payroll software service provider if they will be registering on behalf of your business. If they are planning to register for you, you don’t need to register your business again. 
  • If you already registered your business on your own, let your TPA know you completed the process. Your TPA will be able to create the proper TPA-Employer relationship in My FAMLI+ Employer by uploading a bulk file referencing your business. Refer them to page 19 of our TPA User Guide for instructions on how to bulk register. 
  • This TPA-Employer relationship needs to be established, so your TPA or payroll software service provider can submit wage data and premium payments on behalf of your business.

Share your feedback with us!

Thank you for using My FAMLI+ Employer. Your feedback about your experience is important to us. Please complete this brief feedback form (2-3 minutes) to help us improve the user experience. Your responses will be considered, as we look to continuously improve the online portal for employers, third party administrators, self-employed individuals and local government employers. 

My FAMLI+ Employer Feedback Form

If you are having specific issues accessing your My FAMLI+ Employer account, or need an immediate question answered, please contact us at:


FAMLI Contact Center representatives are available to support you Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.