Colorado delivers nation’s first one-stop shop for HR managers to keep track of employees on FAMLI leave

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Colorado’s Family and Medical Leave Insurance (FAMLI) Division is thrilled to announce it has launched a new HR Benefits Dashboard on the portal where companies file quarterly wage reports and premiums, My FAMLI+ Employer. 

The dashboard enhances the management and visibility of employee FAMLI benefit claims within your organization. Some features include:

  • The ability to review employees’ benefit start dates and claim statuses. HR contacts can add/manage users to view employee claim information — including Absence and Leave Management Companies and other Third Party Administrators managing FAMLI claims on behalf of the organization.  
  • ​​Enhanced Registration Process: Now a part of the MyFAMLI+ Employer registration process, Premiums Admins can add an HR Benefits Contact from the beginning. This HR Benefits Contact will be added as an HR Claims Dashboard Administrator and will receive an email notifying them of their access.
  • Default HR Benefit Contact: If no HR Benefit Contact is designated during the registration process of an employer account, then users will need to request access through the My FAMLI+ Employer portal. The Account Administrator will then have to grant the appropriate access to that user.   
  • Adding/Managing HR Benefits Users: Each account can have up to two HR Benefits Administrators and up to six HR Benefits Viewers. 

For step-by-step instructions on how to use the HR Benefits Dashboard, please visit our online User Guide or watch our video, How To Access HR Benefits Dashboard.

Attend our May Webinar for a live demo 

Join our May FAMLI Webinar for a live demonstration! The webinar is May 23 from 11 a.m. to Noon. Zoom attendance is limited to 500 people, but we will send out a recording of the session to all who register and will publish it to our events page shortly following the session.

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