Proposed/Adopted Rules

FAMLI Rulemaking Public Hearing

The Colorado Division of Family and Medical Leave Insurance (FAMLI) is hosting a public hearing on November 3, 2021, to afford all interested parties an opportunity to be heard prior to the adoption of the below proposed set of rules outlining the collection of FAMLI premiums:


Due to Covid-19, participation will be primarily by remote means, with limited in-person participation at the Division’s office by RSVP only and subject to both (A) space limitations and (B) a decision by 24 hours before the meeting as to whether the public health situation permits in-person attendance or requires conducting the meeting by exclusively remote means. While not required, we request and highly recommend that anyone interested in oral testimony use this rulemaking comment form to RSVP, because at the hearing, after those in person speak, we will first call on those who RSVP'd to speak, followed by testimony from others by remote means. A recording of the hearing will be publicly posted after the hearing on this page.

Date and Time of Hearing: Wednesday, November 3, 2021, from 5:00 pm until at least 7:00 pm.*

*Division leadership will stay until at least 7:00 pm, or longer if by that time anyone still wishes to speak, to assure opportunity for anyone who may wish to attend in the early evening. You need not arrive by a particular time or stay the entire meeting.


November 3, 2021 Public Hearing Information

(A) To Join by Phone, Whether Just to Listen or to Participate:
      call this number: +1 253-215-8782, and then enter this pin: ‪831 6494 2443#

      or for mobile phone users, you may join by using Zoom's one tap mobile feature at: 

      One tap mobile
      +12532158782,,83164942443# US (Tacoma)
      +13462487799,,83164942443# US (Houston)
(B) To Join by Internet, Whether Just to Listen or to Participate:

     Zoom Meeting,

     Meeting ID: 831 6494 2443

(C) To Participate in Person, RSVP using this form to attend at 633 17th Street, 
     Denver, Colorado, 80202, Room 12A on the 12th floor

The Division is also accepting written comments now until 5:00 pm on November 9, 2021. All received written comments will become a part of the same administrative record as oral testimony, and are reviewed by the same officials. 

Accordingly, interested persons may submit written comments in lieu of oral testimony through this form, delivered by mail to 633 17th St, Denver, Colorado, faxed to 303-318-8400, or emailed to, but certainly are free to participate by both means. 

While providing your name, contact information, and role helps us understand your perspective, we allow anonymous comments, so you may decline to offer any specific personal information.

For questions on rulemaking events, comment submission, or other processes, email For press inquiries, email

Thank you for your interest in these important matters.

The Division will delete any personalized Google information (as noted in the below disclaimer) to preserve anonymity for anyone submitting anonymously. Or you may preserve anonymity by emailing from an anonymous email account (or having someone else email your comment) to

Proposed Rules


Clean Version Redline From Prior Version Statement of Basis & Purpose
Premium Rules, 7 CCR 1107-1 PDF PDF PDF
Local Government Rules, 7 CCR 1107-2   PDF (Draft)  

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We highly recommend you to use this RSVP Form to submit public comments, request an accommodation for the hearing, or ask questions.