Proposed/Adopted Rules

Notices of FAMLI Rulemaking Public Hearing

Upcoming Public Hearing: TBA Spring 2022

Colorado Paid Family and Medical Leave Insurance Act

Effective December 31, 2020

FAMLI Statute

Adopted Rules

FAMLI rules related to Premiums were enacted on January 1, 2022.

Read the Premium Rules Statement of Basis and Purpose Premiums Listen to the Public Hearing

FAMLI rules related to Local Government Participation were adopted January 14, 2022.

Read the Local Government Rules Statement of Basis and Purpose Local Government Listen to the Public Hearing

Proposed Rules


Clean Version

Redline From Prior Version

Statement of Basis & Purpose

Private Plans, 7 CCR 1107-4

TBA Spring 2022    

Benefits Rules, 7 CCR 1107-3


Premium Rules, 7 CCR 1107-1




Local Government Rules, 7 CCR 1107-2


PDF (Draft)


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