Employees, employers, and private plan administrators can file an appeal if they do not agree with a decision made by the Colorado Division of Family and Medical Leave Insurance (FAMLI). Employees can also appeal a decision made by an approved private plan administrator. Please see below for some examples of what decisions can be appealed (this is not an exhaustive list.)


Examples of decisions employees can appeal

  • The length of paid leave approved
  • A denial of your request for paid leave
  • The amount of your benefit payment

Examples of decisions employers can appeal

  • The employer contribution amount
  • The employee headcount applied to your business
  • Fines, fees, or penalties imposed

How do employees file an appeal?

Employees with a MY FAMLI+ account can access the “appeals” options provided through My FAMLI+  by logging into their account, navigating to the “Claim Details” page and following the instructions for an “appeal.” Refer to the “Filing An Appeal” section of the My FAMLI+ User Guide.

Note:  My FAMLI+ will route an employee’s appeal through a redetermination review. After that review, My FAMLI+ will allow an employee to select “appeal” a second time, which will serve as a request for a hearing before the FAMLI Appeals Unit.

Employees who want to appeal a determination from a private plan administrator, may submit the FAMLI Appeal Request form.

Submit the FAMLI Appeal Request form

How do employers file an appeal?

Employers or private plan administrators who want to appeal a FAMLI determination, may submit the FAMLI Appeal Request form.

You will receive written confirmation from the FAMLI Appeals Unit , once your appeal has been received and accepted.
For more information about the appeals process, please refer to the following Regulations Concerning Appeals.

If you experience difficulty in accessing the appeal form, please send an email to CDLE_FAMLI_appeals@state.co.us.  The Appeals Unit cannot provide legal advice.