Premium and Benefits Calculator

How much will I pay?

Employers and their employees are both responsible for funding the FAMLI program and may split the cost 50/50. The premiums are set to 0.9% of the employee’s wage, with 0.45% paid by the employer and 0.45% paid by the employee. Employers may also choose to pay the full amount if they would like to offer this as an added perk for their employees. Premiums are paid on wages up to the Federal Social Security Wage Cap which is $168,600 for earnings in 2024. Use the calculator to estimate what your premiums may be. 


How much will my benefit payment be?

Benefits are calculated on a sliding scale using the individual's average weekly wage from the previous five calendar quarters in relation to the average weekly wage for the state of Colorado and may increase over time. As of July 2023, the State’s average weekly wage is going up to $1,421.16.


That means when benefits become available in 2024, individuals making less than or equal to $710.58 on average each week may receive a benefit payment equal to 90% of their wages. Individuals making more than $710.58 may receive a benefit payment equal to 50% of their wages, up to the maximum amount of $1,100/week.

Both the premium amounts and benefit amounts generated by this calculator are estimates only and may not be equal to the exact amount of your premium or benefit payment.

Weekly Wage Weekly Benefit Maximum Annual Benefit Percent of Weekly Wage
$500 $450 $5,400 90%
$1,000 $784 $9,408 78%
$1,500 $1,034 $12,408 69%
$2,000 $1,100 $13,200 55%
$3,000 $1,100 $13,200 37%