November Webinar: Coordination of Benefits

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Our November webinar focuses on our newly adopted Coordination of Benefits (7 CCR 1107-4) rules. This webinar was pre-recorded. You can watch the video here and access the slide deck here

Here are some key takeaways:

  • There will need to be a written agreement between employers and employees to use accrued paid time off (PTO) to top off FAMLI benefit payments.
  • Employees can’t be required to use PTO before FAMLI leave, but they may choose to do so.
  • If an employee applies to an employer for FMLA, then the employer is obligated to tell the employee about FAMLI.
  • While an employee is on leave, employers are required to maintain their health care benefits, and employees are still required to pay their premium obligations toward those healthcare benefits during their leave.
  • Employers may count both the FAMLI wage replacement amount and the duration of the FAMLI leave towards the limits included in their short-term or long-term disability policies, so long as the employer first gives written notice to employees. 
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