Health Care Providers: Register today in My FAMLI+, the FAMLI Division’s health care provider portal!

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The countdown is on! Your patients will start applying for paid leave under Colorado’s new voter-approved Family and Medical Leave Insurance (FAMLI) program before the end of the year. Coloradans will use our online portal, My FAMLI+, to file their claims, and we are anticipating a rush of applications. 

We need your help! We need health care providers to register and verify your license in My FAMLI+. Registering will help you, and it will help your patients. When you register in My FAMLI+, you will eliminate the need for you and your patient to fill out paperwork when they file a claim. My FAMLI+ allows health care providers, or your delegated staff member, to fill out the required Serious Health Condition Form electronically. It removes the risk of a provider unintentionally skipping a section of the document you were not aware was critical. This will help the FAMLI Division expedite your patients claims, allowing your patients to focus on the treatment plan you’ve recommended, maintain their health insurance coverage, and receive partial wage replacement when they’re unable to work. 

My FAMLI+ is different from FAMLI’s employer portal. If you, or your employer, registered with the FAMLI Division earlier this year to upload quarterly wage reports and pay premiums, great! Keep doing that! We also need your support in actively engaging in My FAMLI+, so that when your patients file a claim, they’ll be able to find you in the system and have one less form to worry about.  

Once you’re successfully verified in the system, you will get a notification whenever one of your patients files a claim for benefits. You or one of your delegated staff members can go directly into My FAMLI+ to certify their claim. If you are not in the system, your patient will have to download a Serious Health Condition form that you will need to fill out, return to your patient, who will then need to upload it into the system manually. 

Tracy Marshall, FAMLI Division Director and a Registered Nurse Board-Certified as both a Case Manager and Disability Management Specialist, is leading the implementation of the new statewide program and is passionate about building a system that works for all Coloradans.  

“I understand how health care providers work, and no one goes into the profession  because they like to do a lot of paperwork,” Marshall said. “I’m proud to say that our portal will support Colorado workers without bogging down our busy health care providers.”

If you need help registering, go to the FAMLI website and check out all of our resources for health care providers today!