Paid Family Leave is Coming: 4 Things to Do to Get Ready

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Three years after Colorado voters decided to create the nation’s most innovative plan to provide paid family and medical leave to virtually all workers, the benefit is funded and ready to go. Workers can start applying for paid leave now and get wage replacement in January.

It’s a benefit that will help Colorado workers when they need time away from work to care for themselves, a loved one or a new addition to the family. And it won’t require a lot of red tape, thanks to months of work to get the benefit ready to go when Colorado workers need it. 

Here are four things Coloradans should do to get ready for FAMLI leave so that when they need it, they’ll be able to access FAMLI benefits easily and get back to their lives:

Start with your doctors

Maybe you need to take FAMLI leave as soon as it becomes available next year. Or maybe you have no plans to take a leave. Either way, you’re going to want to ask your health care providers if they’ve registered with the Division.

Why? Because when the unexpected occurs and you need some time away from work, getting your care team to fill out a bunch of insurance paperwork probably won’t be your top priority.
So make life easy by asking all doctors, nurses and other licensed providers who care for you to register in the My FAMLI+ portal for providers. It will help them certify leave claims without any paperwork.  

Of course, FAMLI benefits are still available if you can’t find your provider in the portal! Simply locate the Serious Medical Condition paperwork on the website and ask your care team to fill it out.

Find out if you’re eligible 

Not sure what qualifies for state-funded wage replacement if you need time away from work? Check out the Individuals & Families page on our website to find out.

Check your potential benefit

FAMLI benefits will look different for every Colorado worker. That’s because wage-replacement benefits are based on a sliding scale that replaces your previous income. Enter your information on our free Premium & Benefits calculator to verify how much you could expect to receive if you file a valid claim.

Know your rights 

Colorado’s paid leave law doesn’t just provide pay replacement. It also includes a guarantee that you can’t be fired or penalized for taking FAMLI leave, once you've been with your employers for about six months.