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Colorado’s new average weekly wage, and how it affects FAMLI claims

Colorado workers are earning more on average — and that could mean changes for some workers who are currently taking FAMLI leave.

Starting July 1, 2024, the State’s average weekly wage is set to $1,471.34. That’s an increase of roughly 3.5%.

Not all claims are impacted. For instance, claimants who are already receiving the maximum benefit of $1,100 a week will see no immediate changes.

Have multiple jobs? Here’s how to make FAMLI work for you

Colorado’s new paid family and medical leave insurance gives workers pay replacement when they need to step away from work – even if they have multiple employers.

Workers with more than one employer simply need to enter their multiple employers and the hours they work for each when they apply for benefits in the My FAMLI+ portal. Their wages earned will be aggregated to arrive at a benefit amount. 

Here are some things to know about taking FAMLI leave when you have multiple jobs:

Don’t let identity verification get in your way when it comes to FAMLI coverage

Colorado workers who are paying premiums for wage replacement when they need to step away from their jobs deserve protection from fraudsters. That’s why the new Family and Medical Leave Insurance (FAMLI) Division has set up robust safeguards to keep FAMLI benefits secure and available to eligible Colorado workers experiencing serious life events.

What to expect from your first FAMLI payment

Good news! You’ve successfully submitted your paid-leave claim and have started taking time away from work in order to care for yourself or a loved one. Now you want to know what your pay replacement will look like.

Colorado’s new Family and Medical Leave Insurance Division issued its first benefit payments this week. If you selected direct deposit as your payment option, FAMLI’s payments to your banking institution should arrive in your account within 24 hours or up to 72 hours depending on your bank.